Ericsson-LG Enterprise held iPECS Training Webinar from November 3rd to November 20th virtually. Due to the continued influence of COVID-19, the company prepared for education in a more advanced form than in the first half of the year, and as a result more than 200 iPECS technicians participated from around the world. The sessions were conducted with three regular training sessions, each on the themes of ‘SMB Client Device Application’, ‘LME’ and ‘Cloud’ as main topics.

The first session, ‘SMB Client Device Application’, focused on updated versions of the iPECS eMG100, iPECS 1000i series IP phones, iPECS CCX Report Plus and iPECS IPCR with Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s newly released Unified V4.1 and V5.0 software.

The second session was a more in-depth training session on iPECS UCM phase 3.0. In addition to basic items such as digit analysis, number planning, and DN, demonstrations of software VPCM (S-VPCM) contents and OPEN API were also conducted. In particular, this session further covered troubleshooting by type of occurrence and security to prevent system hacking.

The last session was about iPECS Cloud, especially new applications and features updated in Phase 3.6 and 4.0. An introduction to the UC & Collaboration solution, iPECS ONE, and a demonstration of the implemented functions were conducted. Final topic was the differences between Phase1 and 2 of the iPECS eCSM and how to operate it.

Participants expressed their gratitude to the team for conducting the education in non-face-to-face situations, while at the same time expressing regret over the limitations of not being able to practice the contents of the training.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise will continuously support our global partners on the knowledge sharing of our technical expertise. With the passion of our global iPECS partners, our engineering service quality will continue to be ensured.