iPECS Software Assurance is the baseline offer of Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s support offerings and aims to sustain and enhance product performance. Never get left behind from fast changing technologies and maximize your business outcomes with the full value of IPECS solutions.



  • Upgrade/updates with new features (Common features only)
  • Enhancement of existing features
  • Software patch updates


iPECS Software Assurance enables you to get following business benefits :

Always stay up to date

You can conveniently cope with IT changes through subscribing to iPECS Software Assurance. It ensures that you are up-to-date with the latest iPECS software upgrades and updates. And it ensures that you can deliver the latest features and enhancements to your employees to increase productivity.


Protect your investment

iPECS Software Assurance protects your investments by delivering enhanced value for the products, including the latest features. While keeping your systems and applications current, you can achieve a positive ROI and maximize your employees’ work efficiency.


High availability, stability and security

iPECS Software Assurance provides the latest patches to reduce operational risks by delivering system issues on time. The latest software include bug fixes, security patches and updates to key features. It will make your business communications stable and secure. Ultimately, it guarantees that you maximize the performance of your business communications and your business continuity.


Access new and improved functionalities

iPECS Software Assurance gives you immediate access to newly released software without additional costs during the term of your agreement. With this access, you can easily obtain new and improved functionalities to accelerate the efficiency of your business communications at your own pace.


Enjoy new end-points and applications

iPECS provides a wide-ranging product portfolio that includes systems, terminals and applications. Terminals and applications are constantly coming out in new or updated forms, similar to systems . However, these may not work on old versions of system software. With iPECS Software Assurance, you can easily enjoy new end-points and applications through updating your system software without latency to improve the working environment.


Predictability on OPEX budget

As iPECS Software Assurance is available in packages from 1 to 6 years’ duration, you can easily plan and predict your long-term OPEX budget. In accordance with the path your business takes, an advance, diverse six-year purchase plan is possible.


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