This year December 17th, Ericsson-LG Enterprise has held “Partner Year-end Seminar” at Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel located in Guro gu, Seoul, Korea. The event had over 60 participants from Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s dedicated, associated and related partners, being shared of the achievements and performances as well as preparation for 2019 with business strategies and product roadmaps.

The CEO, Patrick Johansson welcomed the guests and thanked the partners who have contributed to the business during the upheavals in the market. He continued to testify the enforcement and investments that the company is putting in the business that will surely benefit all the attendants in the room by achieving shared goals. He added that the new year 2019 is projected to be promising. 

Korean market sales team leader, Sungmin Park, elaborated the major projects won in 2018 and the promotion strategy for 2019 business deals, especially highlighting cloud business that are in line with the global market trend. He added that in 2019, the partnership will be stronger with the support of technical training and backed by marketing support for both parties’ competency growth.

Lastly, the CTO, Inho Kim shared product development strategy and its place in the current market trends. He emphasized that in the era of digital transformation, the product roadmap had to keep up the pace, presenting the new portfolios to come for the disruptive era, with virtualizations, RESTful API to capture new markets. With the bases where iPECS Cloud had its launch as in the U.K., Italy, Australia and more, the solution will be end-to-end by integrating applications to capture across markets that enjoys communication features as a micro service.

At the end of CTO’s illustration on the future of iPECS portfolio, Ericsson-LG Enterprise partners who have contributed much on the 2018 success had its recognitions.

The reward winners are listed below.

  • GnTel: Best Partner of the year
  • Neo T&C: LME Partner of the year
  • Geosan telecom Plaza: SMB Partner of the year
  • Conen Coms: Best Growth Partner of the year
  • Skycom: Best Cloud Technology Partner
  • Uprism: Best Conferencing Technology Partner
  • Nexus Communication: Best UC Technology Partner

Ending the event, VP of Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Ericsson-LG Enterprise, Ahed Alkhatib stated that the new years are to come and to be bright with strong partnership. He ensured that it’s of Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s interest to articulate a business model for mutual growth.

We are preparing the new year for stronger partnership in 2019. Great appreciation is to be delivered to all partners who worked hard to promote iPECS solution sales. With continuous investment and support, we will strive to deliver sustainable business model for partner’s success.


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