From January 16th to 17th, iPECS partners in Korea had been invited for a technical training at the headquarters of Ericsson-LG Enterprise in Seoul. The subject of this training was on the new product introduction and upgrades within iPECS portfolio. Total 24 attendees participated, our dedicated iPECS partners in Korea. All attendees were already experienced experts who provide daily technical support services, specialized on iPECS portfolio.

To their interest, on the first day, the 16th of January, Ericsson-LG Enterprise showcased the new SMB communication platform, ‘iPECS eMG100’, a brand-new IP phone, ‘1000i series’ and the recent software upgrade ‘unified 4.0’. Upon the introduction, the attendees were able to see and operate the new products themselves actively being prepared for their sales engagements. The market opportunity for the new products were seen with high expectations by the attendees with excitement.

The second day, 17th of January was on deep dive training session for LME products, the iPECS UCM. The course took high level exercise to install and configure the license structure of the iPECS UCM. Then the training moved on to demonstrate the analytic tools for the unified communication system. Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides three proprietary tools, iPECS eCSM (Call Statistics Management) and iPECS eVQM (Voice Quality Management) as well as iPECS eNMS (Network Management System). The training focused much with hands on trials and exercises to operate and configure the application tools for optimum utilization.

We, at Ericsson-LG Enterprise, provide full support to our iPECS partners world-wide for the best quality service deliverable to our end customers. From product development to quality management, iPECS portfolio is made sure to incorporate market needs through this event and more. Please feel free to pass on comments or requirement for us to adopt our product on, so that we can help to outperform your new year of 2020.