Ericsson-LG Enterprise has updated and aligned its product and software to abide by the GDPR act.  Please refer to Global Partner Site library for updates.

Who affected: Partners in EU/EEA

From 25th May, the European General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) came into effect in EU/EEA.

The aim of the regulation is to protect individuals’ data privacy. It applies to personal data that is processed in the EU/EEA, including cross-border data flows coming into the EU or leaving the EU. The regulation applies to the handling of personal data and a written contract is needed whenever a Controller uses a Processor (a third party who processes personal data on behalf of the Controller) and also if a Processor employs another processor. The contract is important so that both parties understand their responsibilities and liabilities.

In April, Ericsson-LG Enterprise advised partners on the action required for GDPR readiness in EU/EEA.

Please find Ericsson-LG Enterprise Product Matrix for GDPR readiness.

Action required: Please find the Products Matrix for GDPR readiness from your account manager and take necessary action to comply with GDPR.



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